Nando's Shisa Magazine Issue 01

Issue 01
We were asked to design a magazine explicitly for the Nando's staff members. we wanted to differentiate it from all the other internal communication, like newsletters and such.
We settled on a fairly small format as most staff members take public transport, so ease of use was very important. Nando's doesn't use much photography in their communication, so we approached the magazine from a very illustrative perspective. We decided on creating a custom typeface for each issue, that would be used to link the cover feature to the layout of the rest of the magazine.
It was a great project to work on.
Designed with Simone Rossum while at Black River F.C.
Cover: The main feature in the first issue was Edward Moraba, Nando's No1 griller. We treated the cover like a playing card
Back Cover: The back of the card
The signs of the zodiac were re-imagined as chickens
An illustration for an AIDS Ride charity event
The Agony Aunt column header
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